Monday, July 03, 2006

I Just Saw Crash

I just saw Crash. You know, Crash. Not the old one with Holly Hunter, but the new one that won the Oscar for Best Picture. It’s an amazingly brilliant film that exposes the racial biases we all still share, even after Martin Luther King, Jr. taught us about our America.

If you haven’t seen it, you must; then talk.

Without Wax,


juanita said...

loved it...hated it...loved it...hated get the idea. not just america darling wax, australia is the same...just a different accent!

Cindy said... was okay. A little too predictable for my taste.

Trudging said...

It is a great movie!

Tom Hoffman said...


I am writing to ask you to remove a hyperlink to http://martinlutherking dot org.

As you may know, martinlutherking dot org is owned by a white supremacist group and hostile to Dr. King's legacy and the civil rights movement as a whole.

Unfortunately, because many sites link to martinlutherking dot org, often accidentally or citing it as an example of an unreliable source, it consistently comes out at the top of the results for searches related to Dr. King.

If you want to link to a site more sympathetic to Dr. King's legacy, I suggest The King Center at