Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Other Shoe Dropped

29/366 diabetes sucks!!!!
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Being just 75 days sober, in a safe place with three squares and serenity, you’d think I’d be content, but I’m not…I’m never content.

I had been monitoring my diabetes for the last year and I thought I had it in check – until last week. My distant vision became blurry. Since I have perfect vision (20/15, meaning I can see at 20 feet what normal people can only see at 15 feet), this was of major concern. I immediately suspected diabetes, but was either in denial or too depressed to care. However, when I spoke with my primary care physician, he wanted to see me the same day. Without a baseline blood sugar, he started me on metformin and sent me home with a glucometer.

Within five days my eyesight was back to perfect. The diet is bland though: no sugars, limit starchy foods, avoid fats. Comfort foods, basically. All the things I was told to do when I was pre-diabetic to avoid full-blown diabetes. I must exercise, loose weight, and eat less. They’ve since doubled my medication dosage and it is reducing my blood sugar to a reasonable level.

I’m now dealing with both alcoholism and diabetes, caused by the alcoholism. I’m making a lot of support calls to my sponsor and A.A.s, and it seems to help.

Right now, I’m in treatment at Signal Station (or just The Station). It’s the right place for me right now. I told my PO I relapsed and she said she wouldn’t violate me. I’ve got until September when I’m released from probation anyway.

I’ll try to update this blog more often now that I have more freedom to leave and come back.

-- Without Wax