Thursday, December 15, 2005

My First Weblog Post

Nothing like waking to a cup of Joe...Satriani that is. I'm debating whether to ether research this blog or donate plasma today. If I donate today, that'll be $35.00 in my wallet to suppliment the $11.00 barely making it a functional wallet. And I might be able to donate three times this week. I wont know this until I arrive; or I could call. But, if I go to the library and research blogs, I'd have that much more time to think about it. Plus, I've got a tighter schedule today, due to dishes chore, than I do the rest of the week. Noon dishes means I wont be able to leave until after 1:00 p.m.; If plasma donation runs late, I'll be late for Treatment at 6:00 p.m. tonight.

I'm debating whether to use my name in the A.A. style, Firstname Last-initial, or not. Even going so far as to name the site that. I may not even continue A.A., opting instead for something like Rational Recovery. I like It's much more anonymous, certain people already know it's me, and is probably more available.

I have to tell Mark J. about Saturday after moving my stuff from Kelly M.'s garage. She introduced me to Lonnie, her new lover...and my ex-machanic. Her interest seems purely machanical; he fixed her garage door opener, something this loverwas asked to do, but never completed due to drink. Not a wise choice, but one I can live with.

So I'm all happy now because I got my MP3 player out of storage! I go for a walk that fridged night in search of phone card to recharge my pre-paid cell, hit play-random, low and behold Phil Collins' Easy Lover is the first song that plays...there is a Hired Power after all.

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