Thursday, May 24, 2007

Detoxing at Home is a Lonely Job

You have no one to play with. Ex-wives don't return calls. Current, so called, girlfriends don't want to listen. Delivery doesn't understand your hours. Cable TV sucks. Must I go on?

Does it sound like I'm bitching? Umm...Yah!

I am. Wait, let me look down first; yes I still have a penis.

BTW, I sat through all of CBS's Sea Change by author Jesse Stone. I see (no pun intended) a lot of him in me. It was hard to watch, but a sat through it. It's a good story.

Without Wax,

P.S. I'll let you know when I've started my sober run.


First of all, drunks need to crawl on the floor with a flashlight to find software to re-install. Why? I don't know.


Fenris_ulf said...

Don't wait until after you have lost your job and apartment to start your sober run.

Cindy said...

Detoxing is a lonely job, but it is "do-able." Please go to a meeting!! I know that you want to get sober again.

sincerelysober said...

I want to go to a meeting, but I'm a embarrassed.