Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Brother

I wish he knew what it really meant to be sober, and honest. He's been calling me and saying that he loves me. It's only recently that he's been saying these things. It' also the first time that he's fallen in love with a woman.

I just listened to him dis me for 30 minutes as he accidentally clicked on his cell phone. It's strange to hear him change my mind about how he manipuliates people, how he changed his new girlfriend's mind. Listening to how he did this over the phone made me convinced that he hasn't changed in his method of changing people's minds.

He's a distaster.

Without Wax,


soberlogger said...

It can be tough dealing with a brother who is suffering. My brother expressed interest in recovery on a couple of rare occasions before he took his own life 3 years ago.

Looking back, I have few regrets, though. I know that I demonstrated a solid example of recovery for him. I did not shove recovery down his throat, and I don't believe he would have gotten it if I had.

The lesson I learned is that I am grateful for the gift of sobriety, and seeing the madness of the disease makes me more willing to do the work necessary to keep it.

Trudging said...

Family is tough, no question

sincerelysober said...


Thank you for those words. I pray (almost daily) that he's still alive out there in Southern California. I'm sorry for your loss. It takes both the good and the bad, the sinful and the sinless.

Thanks mostly for your words,

Without Wax,