Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Alright, I Drank.

Alright, I drank.

Disposable dispare
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I feel like pulling my hair out.

It was intense. My donation experience was not nearly as expected. I became permanently deferred; Permanent Refused, PRed. The reason was I attempted to donated at another facility.

I will update you on all this…later.

I have to go.

-- Without Wax

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Mike L. said...

You know why they did this, don't you??

They too don't want to watch you kill yourself by continuing down[ward] the path you're going. Your little experiment with death.

The good/bad news: you are an alcoholic. The powerlessness you're experiencing has three critical characteristics (all beginning with P):

1. This disease is physical. It's part and parcel of the body you're occupying.

2. This disease is permanent. It's not going to go away. There is no cure.

3. This disease is progressive. There is no question that if you continue putting alcohol or any other mind-altering drug into your body, that the disease (the craving for more, the obsession to not be who you are) will get progressively WORSE.

Simple as that.

You are not "bad" for doing what you're doing. You aren't worse than me because you're doing it. You are just sick and suffering from a disease and from your actions.

There is a way out. I hope you choose it today while there is still hope.