Sunday, March 23, 2008

Doorknob Crashed…Again!

Happy Easter! Like Jesus, Doorknob has been resurrected! Not to take away from the righteous dude on this festive day, but it happened two days ago. I’m just posting it today.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Technical Difficulties, my laptop, affectionately known as Doorknob, crashed again. As it did back in 2006, the cause was similar: the CPU board popped out, only this time it was warped; both due to the underlying cause of a broken CPU fan. It took me two weeks of moping around trying to think what else could’ve been the problem before successfully repairing it. A lot of that time was unproductively spent blaming myself for being a failure. In a sense, I still do, because what tool it took to repair Doorknob was already on my key-chain. I made the excuse that without my computer toolkit, I wouldn’t be able to complete the repair. So, I waited until I had a chance to travel to Mark J.’s house to pick up some stuff he’s graciously storing for me; the toolkit being the major item I needed for the repair.

Wanting to save up for a better laptop kept me from diving into repairing Doorknob also; he’s so out of date: Pentium II w/ 96MB RAM, 3GB hard drive, and Windows 2000. But, like me, Doorknob trudges on. It gives me more breathing room to shop for his replacement, but don’t tell him that; he might get jealous (of course, this is being typed on Doorknob). I can’t imagine sell him since no one in their right mind would buy such an out-dated piece of equipment. But then there is one born every minute.

The most important things is that I can just type up my journal at anytime and spend hours at any cafĂ© on the Internet daily spending quality time responding to others in the sober community. It’s a healthy release for me.

Without Wax,