Friday, September 08, 2006

More Landlord Trouble

Working the register, my former landlord approaches me. “Find another place yet?” Bertha W. asks.

“No, I haven’t. How’s James working out?” I’m referring to the tenet she had replace me. Had she not had a guaranteed tenet, she probably would’ve worked with me.

“He’s not,” she angrily responds.

“Would you reconsider renting to me?” I ask.

Considering this, she replies, “We’ll talk about this later.”

This is the first time she’s been civil to me for months. Part of me wants to tell her to shove that little apartment up her patooty! However, after the Thursday layover in downtown Minneapolis surrounded with farmer’s market flowers and vegetables, wanting to take them home and make myself a wonderful home cooked meal...well, you get the idea.

I really am getting tired of The Mission.


Without Wax,


Trudging said...

Ah the farmers market in Minneapolis. I loved that place when I lived there. I am glad that you are talking to your former landlord.

Designer Girl said...

Glad that the communication lines between you and Bertha have reopened somewhat. Treat her with the respect you wish she'd show for you, and I'll bet she'll come around. I know you would like so much better to be in your own place again. Hopefully, that will work out soon.

sincerelysober said...

Thank you both for your comments. I've had a trying day. Boths ups and downs, more of the latter though...more on that in my next post.

recoveryroad said...

What Designer Girl said....and Trudging...

Hope it goes well with the landlord.