Saturday, September 02, 2006

First Homeless Day

First day homeless in Saint Paul again leaves me sneaking back into the apartment with a set of keys I made without permission. I knew no one would be there. I didn’t sleep at all. The closest I came was at 2:00am when the neighbor came home and slammed the door. I never got back to sleep. Setting the alarm clock for 6:00am, I wake at 5:59am and turn it off. Make the last of my tuna salad sandwich, I leave for Boyd Park to capture maybe 45 minutes of sleep; it doesn’t come.

I call landlord Bertha W. at 7:00am as requested to complete moving the rest of my property into the storage unit. She agrees to meet me at 9:00am, but runs late because of a flat tire.

Surprisingly, my belongings almost all fits in the small space. What’s left are cloths that should probably go to Goodwill. However, I have to go through them because I know there’s some jewels amongst them. She says I can keep them there for two months.

Since I’m writing this from work, I’m going to keep this brief. I went to The Mission and booked a room for evening; it cost me $6. Reading the description of the place, I was heavily disappointed to learn that I won’t be able to come there for a bed tomorrow night after getting off work at 3:00am. However, when they learned of my job, they said it would be no problem.

I’m heading home to a bed tonight. They say that after staying five consecutive days, I’d be eligible for a locker. There’re pretty big too, however I didn’t have time for pricing. I just barely had enough time to shower. Actually, I didn’t, since I missed my first bus and had to cycle to the next transfer.

I’m really tired and just want to sleep in a real bed.

And I’m missing June W. something fierce.

Without Wax,


recoveryroad said...

Take it steady today. I'm thinking of you.

dAAve said...

You'll be fine. Take advantage of what the mission has to offer.
Most importantly, don't drink because that will only make things worse.


Ditto to recoveryroad and daave comments. Stay strong and remember things will get better but drinking and drugging won't help. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
I see you,

Holly Goes said...

Wax, your strength in the face of adversity is inspiring. Much love to you today

Scott W said...

Turn things over to a power greater than yourself, search for and do the next right thing, don't drink and things will get better by leaps and bounds.

Prayers said.

Designer Girl said...

Hey, Wax. Try to stay strong and hang in there, sweetie. I think you might want to get rid of the keys, though.

Tab said...

I wish you well...remember drinking and drugging just makes it all the more difficult.Don't give up.
Thank you for sharing~