Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I've been embarrassed

First work week.
Wonderful week with Angel.

Two PPP, Canadian bacon, mushroom, & pineapple, then pepperoni, Italian sausage, & Jalapenos.

Kind of hoping June doesn’t call me back to take me up on the offer to repair her wireless network, although I know she needs it. She thinks she can fix anything, now that I’m gone, and will settle for me falling into the tech-support phone conversation, but we both know this is a hands on job.

Digital camera is on the fritz, pretty bad this time. Much worse than the old laptop problem I fixed, but still doesn’t stop me from tearing it down to it’s silicone bare bits.
Watching Crash.

Still can’t make rent. Been out of work too long.

A.A. community is failing me.

Tim is showing me everything. He’s training me for manager. He’s expecting a baby boy any day now.

I have to work Friday at the exact time one of my favorite food shelves is open; what a dilemma.

Ms. Smith gave me one of the few available storage units.

Get a call from Redneck Robert while over at Julian’s place next door.

Excuse me while I take this call from my sponsee brother, Michael. I haven’t spoke with him is so long, and so we fire off a list of updates, most of which are in this post. I say something about June and he meantions how lucky I am to have…stops in mind sentence before putting his foot in his mouth. I end the sentence with was lucky. Yada yada…

{reference Big Book about how alcoholics attract the best women.}

Speak of the devil; June is coming in on call waiting. It’s the call I’ve been waiting for, so I barely start to explain to Michael, and he completes my sentence. I flash over to her call.

It’s what I’ve been waiting for. She needs assistance with her network topology. She’s angry and all. I put up with it. I finally fix it. She agrees to see United 93 with me.

Now I have to go get ready for my home group where I will ask my sponsor if he will present my six-month medallion. I have a feeling he won’t.

Saw David from Holly House and his girlfriend Christy. She just bought a new Grand Prix to replace the car that was totaled in an accident where David was in the passenger seat and was sideswiped by a teen motorist who had run a light. He broke ribs.

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Trudging said...

You know I sobered up in the Twin Cities so I know what a big deal it is to get someone to present a chip to you.

Here in CT meetings either do not have chips or if they do you just raise your hand when your hand when your amount of time is called. You know, "anyone have 1,2 or 3 month...6 months. A lot less hassle