Friday, April 07, 2006

Follow Up On Previous Post

Some continued info on yesterday's post:

All I know is what Barry told me, and he didn't meet with me yesterday to collect rent as agreed upon. I left a voice mail for him to contact me the next afternoon.

However, I did go shopping for sober housing and what I found out was very enlightening.

A) A couple of friends I went to Treatment with know of The Escape and say they're very efficient at taking disadvantaged addicts' and alcoholics' money.

B) None of the sober houses had ever heard of The Escape.

C) All of the sober houses said that, by my description of events, what they are doing violates laws they themselves are governed by and that I should seek legal help.

Since I'm working an honesty program and more interested in remaining sober than any legal satisfaction I may achieve over this, I wouldn't think of getting distracted at this point with a legal battle. If I took this to a lawyer it would only excite they're curiosity to the point that they'd probably sell me on pursuing this and that's not what I want over this. I'm also not on a crusade to make sober housing safe for all alcoholic-kind. I watch a lot of super hero’s entertainment, but that's as far as that goes: fiction.

However, there is one thing that I just can't let go of: In the short month that I've lived here I've fallen in love with this house.

Without Wax,


Trudging said...

If I remember correctly sober houses do illegal stuff all the time. Pray about it.

sincerelysober said...

Prayer sent!

Thanks you Trudging,

Without Wax,