Monday, February 13, 2006

Winter Rolls...

...By so fast when you're relaxing in your favorite coffee shop enjoying the atmosphere . Time can slip away unnoticeably.

Winter rolls accumulate and must be worked off. Working out can work off Winter rolls. Initially, getting into shape and loosing my gut was not in my original program of recovery, but it does make sense since my muscles had atrophied laying around drinking bourbon watching movies. Those same alcoholic muscles ached more from simply taking a shower than they do now from working out at the Y. I'm taking advantage of The House's scholarship program, that's how I can afford the membership. As of this writing, I weigh 210 lbs; my goal is to reach 185 lbs, my ideal weight. I feel more energetic everyday I exercise.

Winter rolls by without a job. This is not in my program of recovery. Winter vacation is coming to a close and I'd better be employed soon or face the consequences. I'm kicking it into high gear this week.

The role Winter has played on my recovery has had a profound influence on my attitude this attempt around. I feared the thought of living homelessly during Winter, but now I embrace it. It has definitely changed my way of thinking.

So drink it if you got it. Java's the only mind altering substance I'm drinking from now on.

Without Wax,