Friday, February 03, 2006

Like A Heart Attack

In this program, you can loose friends in the blink of a second. Robert D. had a heart attack yesterday while in the care of doctors at the hospital. If you’re going into cardiac arrest, there’s no better place to be than in the care of a doctor. That’s how my Father had his last heart attack. Thankfully, both men survived.

Robert is diabetic. He was having symptoms prior to this episode. Feeling light headed after descending the staircase, he unwisely decided to go back up stairs to bed. If it weren’t for his attentive roommate’s obstinate nature, he might’ve arrested alone in bed. Instead, his roommate took action, contacted staff, and Robert was taken to the hospital. On arrival announcing he was suffering a diabetic reaction he was rushed to en emergency where he suffered a heart attack.

Robert, who was a strange before moving into The House, has become a close friend in a short amount of time. He’s helped me see things differently and has become someone I can confide in. It is rare to find friends like him, period.

Chalk one up for a Higher Power.

Without Wax,


Trudging said...

I am glad to hear that Robert is still with us!

Rex said...

Wow.....Higher Power must still have Robert to accomplish.

Sam said...

happy day!

sincerelysober said...

He is acting differently after his near death experience though.