Friday, June 18, 2010

Fear of Addiction

People fear addiction. That is the reason why no one will talk to me. I get it. I should pretend like I don’t have one. President Obama has one, but it doesn’t change other’s lives, or doesn’t have the potential to.

They fear addiction. Friends and loved ones do. They get scared…scared away. They get scared for so many reasons. Maybe because they see in you what they could be.

But then, there is the reasoning that they shouldn’t put up with that crap. With their own crap. That they should just take it.

Just take it. Yah, that would be cool.

Let’s dispel all the mistakes we’ve made into a boiling pot of anger. Let’s just it simper for a bit…let it cool.

After all this cooling, there will always be a growing uncomfortably. We will never survive this. We will always be the underclass.

Seeing my old friend taught me something. It taught me that HE will never want to be associated with US. Because, he’s scared…I think.

Is this fear more important that real friendship? Can we break the beerier of sober life?

Without Wax


Em said...

I'm not sure I completely understand your post, but I feel I should say that you have people who are not afraid to befriend you and love you. Those people are in a fellowship and we all share a common bond. Alcoholism is a terrible disease and we can only get through it together :)

Anonymous said...

Still reading. You know, we've "known" each other for about five years now. Isn't that amazing?

sincerelysober said...

I really want to talk to you guys.

Have Myelin? said...

People fear what they don't understand that's all....