Sunday, August 19, 2007


Darla's back in my life and my space. I let her move into my little apartment: I gave her keys. She took over chores, like she folded my neighbour's socks. That was cute...he liked it.

I like her because she'd beautiful and smart. I can't do this drunk, and she knows that. She gets annoyed when I don't make drunk sense. She knows me and she knows that I'm better sober than drunk. She tells me, and she knows that if I sober up...

Whatever...We leave little notes about how we can clean up this place and store some of our massive amounts of stuff into a place that is actually livable. It's weird, because she's working towards living together.

She's beautiful. I mean, she doesn't have a killer body, but she has this face and eyes that are hypnotic. Everything that she wears makes her look like a model. Her legs are stunning, her eyes are crystal blue, cute dimples, plump (you know). She's fine.

I'll fill you in more later.

-- Without Wax

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