Saturday, April 14, 2007

New Store Transition

I chose to drink after finding my own place. I don’t know why I chose to drink. It’s solved and caused problems. Memory problems are the best: you get to avoid them. This, in turn, causes other problems, like managerial responsibilities. Booze does that. You can avoid serious review incidents, but eventually it will catch up to you.

I have a man that needs to be fired and I don’t know how to do it. I can’t do it hung over or drunk, so I must do it sober. The fact that I can’t easily fire him as a manager frustrates me; and I have to admit that I drink about it.

You know what would be a better solution: one without alcohol.

Doing it alone has been the way that I’ve survived for the last six months. I think it’s time to walk over to an AA meeting and ask for help. But I’m afraid I’ll run into zelots that preach the Big Book way. I’ve been down that path; real honest communication is the only way it works.

Don’t get me wrong; the Big Book has true honest experiences that came out good. We can all learn from them. All the stories in the Big Book are written by people that have come to the conclusion that their horror stories of using can help others. I’ve got them too; I’m just not ready yet to put them down on paper. June knows most of these horrible stories probably better that myself and I’d really like to partner with her before putting this all down in words. This is one of the promises that the Big Book describes: although I didn’t get to patch things up completely, she’s still a friend.

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Fenris_Ulf said...

Hiring and firing always sucked for me. Just to let you know I did always feel so much better when it was over and wished I had done it much sooner. If you are having problems with doing it ask your HR or manager for help.

You need to get your drinking in check or you will be on the wrong end of that firing. When you face the public you are always at risk of someone complaining to management. My guess is you will have much better luck winning June back if you are sober and moving forward.

AA is not a perfect system but as far as helping you not drink it was working for you when you were working the system. Find a meeting embrace the good and ignore that bad. People can only make you feel bad if you let them.

A person needs to be honest with himself before he can be honest with others. Openness is also needed. Some feel it is possible to be honest just omit much of the detail to make it appear in a light that they prefer. Hidden agendas also fall into this area. I believe if a person can lead an open and honest life they can avoid a lot of stress and headaches.