Friday, March 17, 2006

My Demise

Just after moving into The Cuilinn House I had hoped that Internet access would be a breeze. It’s been anything but. Like every other promise that has presented itself with pretty wrapping paper and bow, it comes with contingencies. It doesn’t always work. So I post when I can and write less often than I should.

It is for those concerned of my demise that I be more diligent regarding publishing daily. Although I got ‘F’s in high school English, passing only by getting ‘A’s as a photographer on Year Book and Newspaper staff, I now consider myself a writer, and a writer writes every day. One day, I may take a class. But for now, I thinks of things to write in this blog every day. Sometimes I think they’re just to everyday to write about. Sometimes I’m afraid to write. Sometimes there’s a particular post that I’m working on in my head that I wont publish until I’m ready to let it go. I have four right now that I’d like to get off my chest that haven’t been committed to bits: She, Angel, Redneck Robert, and The Last 4th Step Workshop: The Absent Enemy. I also have a lengthy profile to complete, so it’s not for lack of material nor pot that this sot sought.

I really do appreciate the concern expressed in comments, but it is not for you that I write this blog. Once, in jail, I had a terribly strong urge to drink while in solitary confinement for 23 hours and, being that I had only the guards over a tinny intercom to speak to, knew that it’s was going to be a long lonely night. That’s when I discovered one way to stop the urge: write. And it’s worked ever since. The other reasons I now journal are but a plus, and I am grateful for the interest, however when I’ve got The Angry Reds, you’ll know why I’m writing that day.

I am truly grateful for the concern and with that I will post nearly everyday.

Without Wax,


Rex said...

Funny how life works. What you do to keep yourself sober, helps keep me sober. What I do to keep myself sober helps someone else stay sober. Amazes me. Thanks for helping keep me sober today by writing and sharing in order to keep yourself sober.

Trudging said...

High School English and writing really don't have a whole lot to do with each other. (-: